The Plan

A Promise Kept consists of a new dining hall and eight duplex cabins built in the following phases:

Pre Construction

Architecture and Engineering


Cost: $150,000

Phase 1A

Dining Hall

The dining room will include a full commercial kitchen, meeting room for up to 100, dining room with a capacity of 230 and a lounge.


Cost $4,800,000

Progress Update:
*Construction is in progress. We hope to be "dried in" by the fall of 2022 and plan on continuing construction unabated as funds allow.


Phase 1B

Civil Work

Septic and Water Systems


Progress Update:

  • Permit for water and septic is in hand.

Cost: $300,000

Phase 2

Cost $3,000,000 

The final phase will be the construction of 8 duplex cabins with a queen bed and two sets of bunks.

The duplex units as well as the new meeting room will be used primarily by Camp Promise during the summer months. These cabins can also be used to expand guest group potential for programs at Big Sky Bible Camp. All of Big Sky’s programs will eat in the new dining room with plans for the old dining room to eventually be turned into a snack shop type building.