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End-of-summer update

We had a great season of summer camp ministry and served a record number of campers with the love of Christ, another reason why the new dining hall can’t come soon enough! We’re making great progress, and we are still on target to have the project completed by summer of 2024. Have a look!
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The Chimney!

One of the features of the new dining hall we are excited about is the beautiful, large stone fireplace in the welcome area. The chimney went up last week, and we think the stone work looks amazing!
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Summer progress!

Work on the dining hall continues while summer camp is in full swing. Inside, electric, plumbing and fire sprinklers are being installed. You might notice new siding and trim on the outside. It’s been a joy giving camper families tours of the new facility. More to come!
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Then…and now!

It seems like yesterday that we as a staff were out on site clearing and burning brush…and now, just wow! Work continues on the interior of the dining hall, and our crews will keep at it through the fall. What’s most exciting for us right now is that in a few weeks our camp will be full of young people
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Siding, soffit, and more!

Spring is finally here, and with it comes continued progress on the new dining hall. Siding and soffit are being installed, and our contractors will soon begin work on the heating, plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems. We are close to finishing ma­sonry throughout.  Our plan is to have the new dining hall finished in time for summer camp 2024. Soon,
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Space – lots of space!

Here are a few more photos from the interior of the building. Pictured throughout are members of our Local Advisory Committee.
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Thank you, LAC!

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Thank you Dave, Kelli, and Gary!

This week Dave and Kelli Rice, and Gary Trauger came all the way out from Pennsylvania with Cornerstone Masonry. Along with some of our staff they knocked out masonry work for the new facility!
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Phase 1 is fully funded!

Praise God for his provision! And thank you all for your prayers and generous giving. We’ll continue to bring you all updates as work continues on the facility.
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Batten down the hatches.

Well, the snow is falling and short of installing some of the windows, progress will be slow this coming December. We’ll be sure to continue to send updates your way!